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Listening to Wormhole, on vinyl. Still sound like it was sent from the future. The significance of this record can… https://t.co/Z0rjC7Wwyv
Man I want to dip that spike in the Tearaway snare so bad
Joe Ford
@end_orphine @blaukizart Yeah I will be renting a car over there :)
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Eye-D is a Dutch drum & bass DJ/producer from Goes, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Eye-D released his first drum & bass record on Kultbox Records in 1998 and he has been one of the most successful producers from the Dutch scene ever since; with releases on seminal labels such as Ruff-Teck and Citrus and numerous collaborations with DJ Hidden, Black Sun Empire, Noisa, Counterstrike and Evol Intent. Eye-D's productions have resulted in many record releases on a variety of international labels and plenty of DJ performances across the globe. Eye-D's background in hardcore/gabber results in some unique flavoring in both his DJ sets and his tracks. Expect his sets and tracks to be hard-edged but still very effective on the dancefloor.
Source: www.eye-d.org

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