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I've been producing electronic music since 1998, when I started a project called Desert Storm Breakcore Squad with my friend JayB. We produced a quite unusual mixture of hardcore techno and jungle, because I had a hardcore/speedcore background and Jay was more into jungle.

Later on I bought my own PC and started making music by myself under the Noize Punishment moniker. I always liked grindcore, punk or metal and I guess this influence is traceable in my tracks. Among the biggest influences to me I would count Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot, Mathis Mootz (Panacea), Bombardier.

With support from Christoph Winkler I've played as Noize Punishment live at Fuckparade in Berlin, Germany, with Venetian Snares, Scud and Panacea. I've played 3 times in Berlin later, 2 gigs in London, several times in Prague, in Dresden.

I've released music through these labels: Dyslexic Responses (USA), KoolPop (Germany), Hardliner Recordings (CZE), Hardt?de.fakte (Germany), Death Sucker Records (UK) . Digicore Far East (Singapore), Invasion Wreck Chords (Belarus), Aklass Records (New Zealand), Formosan Records (Germany) , Mego Records (Germany), D-Trash Records (Canada), Berzerk Produktz Records.

Later on, around the year 2005, my musical journey led me to a more intricate style of music, where previous ideas and methods from digital HC and breakcore punk evolved with massive new sound possibilities. Drum and bass was the next logical stage of producing to me. Another of my producer creations came to life ? Forbidden Society. Recently, all my activities are directed this way. Among the results are releases on Freak MP3, Mindsaw, Hell?s Bassment, Nightmare Rec., Jungle Therapy, Hardline Rec.

Forbidden Society DJ gigs include parties such as Therapy Sessions ? Czech Republic, KillSwitch ? K2, Budweis or Imperialistic Night in Cross Club ? Prague alongside Current Value, The Panacea, Limewax, Dj Hidden, The Sect, Audio, Dylan and Robyn Chaos.

My tracks appear in the sets of The Panacea, Dj Hidden and also on the mix CD by Technical Itch ? You Need Therapy (2008).

The year 2010 has become a turning point in my career. As a result, I have released a number of tracks on labels like PRSPCT, Freak, Obscene, Algorythm, Counterstrike, Big Riddim, Future Sickness, Union Records, Yellow Stripe, Mentally Disturbed and many others. Being a member of Anger Management and PRSPCT agency, I?m playing at Therapy Sessions all around Europe. Recently it was in Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, Romania, Hungary and Belgium. In 2011 I had a chance to play a gig in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

In October 2010, I?ve started my own label Forbidden Society Recordings ( ). I have released tunes by Counterstrike, Current Value, Katharsys and Elements of Vengeanze so far. I regurarly organize Forbidden Society Label Nights which take place at number 1 Prague?s club Cross. I am also a part of Therapy Sessions Czech Repulic organizational team.
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