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ONI by @its2scoops one of the freshest beats I've heard in a min.
So much new 🔥 otw https://t.co/ppvsKoxIze
State of Mind
@7_stateofmind Where is near?
Damn listening to some of @Mphazes stuff from 3-5 years ago it's INSANE how ahead of the curve he was. Nuts and inspiring.
State of Mind
Anyone else getting sick of the daily 'North Korea threatens nuclear war' stories?
@ValentinoKhan @CoorsLight 😂😂😂


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"Dark Drum and Bass artist"

Name(s):Anthony Rotella
Lives in:Atlanta, United States  Google Maps


Chart topping, dance floor rocking, and taste making come naturally to Atlanta based producer, DJ, label executive and promoter Mayhem. With over 15 years in the studio and 13 years on the decks, he has garnered the attention of the heavyweights in every genre of his focus.

Rooted heavily in Drum & Bass music, and with a discerning ear, 28 year old Mayhem found himself making big moves from an early age. From releasing records for Andy C, TeeBee, Dieselboy, Noisia, and Black Sun Empire to DJing across the world for massive crowds in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and beyond; he has warranted a reputation for diversity and quality control. Collaborating with and developing artists such as Noisia, Le Castle Vania, Phace, Evol Intent, Sinthetix, Gein and Gridlok amongst many others, his production soared to new heights with "Exodus (featuring the legendary KRS-1)", "Moonway Renegade", and "Choke" with Noisia.

Boundless inspiration pushed Mayhem to pursue Dubstep in it's formidable years, immediately signing with the reputable Subway Records, as well as Indie/Electro under the moniker Rrrump. As of late his focus has been brought back to home on the forefront a movement combining southern Rap music with Dubstep collaborating with long time friend Heroes + Villains. His club nights Transit, Fuck Yesss, Heavy, Tambor Y Bajo, Atlanta Dubstep and Haute Mess have helped reshape Atlanta's nightlife.

No matter the genre, you are guaranteed a diverse set with attention to detail and a healthy respect for dynamics and balance.

This is Mayhem.

FOR NORTH AMERICA BOOKINGS CONTACT rob@circle-management.com

ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT info@shadowlawrecordings.com
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Source: soundcloud.com/mayhem

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ONI by @its2scoops one of the freshest beats I've heard in a min.

Published: 27 Apr 2017 07:50:13

So much new 🔥 otw https://t.co/ppvsKoxIze

Published: 27 Apr 2017 05:59:37

@ValentinoKhan @CoorsLight 😂😂😂

Published: 27 Apr 2017 03:13:40

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