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Dom and Roland
Dom and Roland
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Dom and Roland
@j3nnag Yeah the polka dot one, I saw you winking at me strutting down the beach in Sards 👀😂
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Nanotek (aka Mark Christiansen) needs no introduction when it comes to dark tech style drum and bass. Packed with unrelenting breakbeats, eerie soundscapes and pounding bass lines, Nanotek's unique sound continues to punish dance-floors worldwide.

Nanotek has releases on some of the industry's top dark labels like Obscene, Freak, Technical Itch Recordings, Counterstrike Recordings, Intransigent Recordings and Guerilla Recordings.

Look out for Nanotek in your town and in your record store. Forthcoming tracks on Barcode, PRSPCT, Bad Chemistry and Guerilla Recordings...

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