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elektronのanalog heatほど「これしかない」的なエフェクターは今まで見たことない。DAWで言うと種類違うけどSONNOXの Inflator みたいな感じ。このサイトのインタラクティブデモで触れる。 https://t.co/KTwOCznnYx
@TREXDJ Happy for you :)
Matrix and Futurebound
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Legion - Brawl (Drum 'n Bass Mix August 2013) | 8th of August 2013
Legion - Brawl (Drum 'n Bass Mix August 2013)
Straight from the Dutch underground scene comes Legion, a DJ/producer from The Hague.

Legion is undeniably connected with various underground parties in the Netherlands, such as from PRSPCT Party's, Hit 'n Run Soundsystem, Leg Breakin’ Events and more.

Legion regularly shares the DJ-booth with artists such as YmB, Thrasher, Sinister Souls, ErreVallen, War is inevitable and Greg D.

After several years of experimenting with different harder styles like Drum 'n Bass and Hardcore, he created his own style somewhere between these two. His hardcore productions have a clear Drum 'n Bass influence and his Drum 'n Bass productions have a clear Hardcore influence.

The result can not only be heared in his productions but also in his DJ-mixes.


01. Future Signal - Dr Strangelove
02. Teddy Killerz - Infrastructure
03. Subablock & NVader - Rapture
04. Optiv & BTK - Get Dark
05. Audio & InsideInfo - Rust
06. Teddy Killerz - Jacob
07. Cruk - Punisher
08. Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (InsideInfo Remix)
09. Counterstrike - Empire (Audio Remix)
10. The Sect - Magma
11. Mark Knight - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
12. Treo & Kano - Spy
13. BSE - Battalion
14. Audio - Burn it Down
15. Joe Ford - City
16. Machine Code - Rhea
17. Teddy Killerz - Violence
18. Treo - Expatriate
19. Teddy Killerz - New Drums
20. Billain - Boogie
21. Teddy Killerz - Bad Omen
22. Misantroph & Phace - Desert Orgy
23.  Bad Company - The Nine

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