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@DjTeeBee I just skipped all the info bits... made each episode about 15mins...watched whole series in a couple of hours! 😝
Dom and Roland
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Othercide Podcast 003 by Homeboy | 6th of February 2015
Othercide Podcast 003 by Homeboy
Othercide Records is a new Darkstep label from France, launched by Maxime Leduc aka Neks in September 2014.

Within half a year Othercide Records hitting the streets so loud and so bad that established labels definitively have envied and shivered for what is coming.

Throughout several sick releases produced by some serious Dark DnB masters Othercide Records forced it's way to the top. And when we're talking about masters, we mean real grandmasters, namely Current Value, Brainpain, Homeboy, Gancher and Ruin!

Expect some crazy and strong releases coming out this year.

To tease you out, Othercide records is releasing 3 LPs and 7 EPs in the next few monts. Cooh, Katharsys and Sinister Souls have already confirmed and to top it all off Othercide Records has also mentioned MachineCode, which is a collaborative effort between two extremely powerful forces named Dean Rodell and Current Value.

These artists are going to make their way to the Othercide of hell and no doubt that they're the right victims for that dirty and filthy job.

So keep your eyes locked on Othercide Records!

Othercide Podcast

This is already the third Othercide Podcact that has been released. Freqax and the label boss himself Neks kick off the podcast series and now the decks are reserved for the next great hero: David Santos aka Homeboy!

This Portuguese, Swiss and a little bit Belgian producer is a craftsman within the harder styles like Darkstep Drum ´n´ Bass and Hardcore. Homeboy is also the owner of Nekrolog1k Recordings, a big label with several sub labels such as Nekrolog1k Digital , Agnost1k , Ego1st & Lowbreed Records.

Check out the third podcast for Othercide Records, including Homeboy´s last release with Current Value, the new Nekrolog1k Recordings 26 "Sinister Souls - Sinistar (Homeboy Remix)", and a couple of unreleased tracks!

Let the crossfader war begin!!!

01. Brainpain & Neks - Into Space
02. Sinister Souls feat. Mike Redman - My Soul Is Sinister
03. Katharsys - Life's A Bitch (Counterstrike Remix)
04. Homeboy - Artificial Organism
05. Broken Note - Descent
06. 2Methyl - Oscillate
07. Noisia - Hideous (The Clamps & Redject Remix)
08. Homeboy - Ghost Protocol (The Sect Remix)
09. Evol Intent and Eye-D - Jim Skynner
10. Air J & Homeboy - Ologram
11. Donny - Horribly Ribbed (Katharsys Remix)
12. Sinister Souls - Sinistar(Homeboy Remix)
13. Meander - Pretend
14. Current Value - The Deep
15. Bryan Fury - GNIR vs. Meander Homeboy Cross Cuts Edit.
16. Bryan Fury feat. Homeboy - Die Hard vs. Terrorized
17. Homeboy & Brainpain - Heavy metal Kings
18. Counterstrike - Maniac (Donny Remix)
19. AK-Industry & Neverquiet - Altered Perception
20. Billy S. - Cross The Evil
21. The Teknoist & Homeboy - Ninja Nekro Prototype

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