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TIDE - Clapper & Fever (Locked Concept) | 19th of January 2018
TIDE - Clapper & Fever (Locked Concept)
LOCKED CONCEPT has laid down a consistently exploratory path of releases, with their dedication to uncovering new artists and ideas without compromise showing through on every release. With their 14th release, the boutique label unveils a new talent in the form of Melbourne-based newcomer TIDE with a sleek pair of forward-thinking tracks for the thinking dancefloor in the form of CLAPPER and FEVER.

With it's halfstep-dnb hybrid attitude Clapper does what it says on the tin, leading a relentless clap-led assault with a weighty bassline that strains to burst from the sub bubbles that it lays down. FEVER charges with nightmare ferocity into a restless world of feverish frantic energy, catapulting listeners into a bleak and intense landscape.
TIDE - Clapper & Fever (Locked Concept)

Artist: TIDE
Release: Clapper & Fever
Label: Locked Concept
Release Date: 22-02-2018

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