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NAS & Tabula Rasa - War (MethLab) | 5th of April 2018
French producer WAR stands as one of the most promising creators of the new generation pushing forward drum and bass as well as a wider spectrum of bass music. With releases behind him on prominent labels including C.I.A., Samurai, Dispatch and Commercial Suicide, he has firmly caught the ears of veteran label heads with an astute sense of the future and recognition of his vision.

With NAS, Tabula Rasa and Acumen, War brings 3 refined sonic movements that blaze the mind with their intricate sound design and deliver an advanced dancefloor experience. Following up his acclaimed 'Invisible' EP on MethLab Recordings, as well as 'Darvaza' and collaborations featuring on Hydro's 'Ethos' EP on the label; this impactful single represents a welcome return to the label.

Artist: War
Release: NAS & Tabula Rasa (Bonus track: Acumen)
Label: MethLab Recordings
Release Dates:
Inner Core - 08-03-2018
Streaming - 27-03-2018
Bandcamp - 03-04-2018
Worldwide - 05-04-2018

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