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Ninth Circle Hellcast 001 ? YMB & Mathizm | 8th of November 2012
Ninth Circle Hellcast 001 ? YMB & Mathizm
Ninth Circle Recordings, run by YMB & Vexer is not just a label which releases music. It's a company that focuses specifically on the harder Drum 'n' Bass and Crossbreed. 


It's still in it's infancy, but has already packed out great. With their first event and many forthcoming releases on the horizon, they now kick off with a hell of a podcast called Hellcast.

This first mix is composed by Dutch Dark DnB artists, YMB & Mathizm and is a showcase of what you can expect the coming months ... The NCR releases!

Ensure your damn self with thirty minutes of suffering by Hellcast!!!


01. Infamous & Qkhack – The Island [Ninth Circle]
02. Proton Kid – Scare [Ninth Circle]
03. Paranoized & YMB – Oo Oow [dub]
04. Neonlight & Miss Redflower – Dessert (YMB & Mathizm remix) [Trust in Music]
05. Sinister Souls – Flatliner (YmB & Mathizm Remix – Bass Up Edit) [SCUM]
06. Mathizm & Memtrix – Cardiak Arrest [Yellow Stripe]
07. Emoshin & YMB – Blood Red [Ninth Circle]
08. Mathizm – Break His Neck (YMB remix) [Ninth Circle]
09. Mathizm – Break His Neck [Ninth Circle]
10. YMB – Keiharde Porno [Ninth Circle]
11. YMB & Mathizm – Assimilated [Lowbreed]
12. YMB & Mathizm – Your Destination [dub]
13. Contrage – Deformed Fetus [Ninth Circle]
14. Fragz & YMB – Git Crunk! [Ninth Circle]
15. eRRe & Hardlogik – Everybody Dance Now! (YMB & Mathizm remix) [Tech Cycle]
16. YMB – Kream [Ninth Circle]

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