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Mob Tactics - Dinosaur Rock EP (Eatbrain) | 13th of July 2018
A shadow fell with bleak weight against the broken cityscape as the towering frame of the scaled behemoth stood above the now desolate metropolis. Cold eyes flickered within the recesses of its heavy skull, surveying its fragmented and twisted domain for any remnants of the fleshy morsels of the living who had once resided there. Beneath its talons shifted stone and metal, groaning under its weight in a cacophanus lament for what had been. It lumbered forward through the carnage of the city, led by its singular mind, barely noticing as each thundering step felled the last vestiges of that once grand city around it. This city on the rocky plain, a pinnacle of the species that built it, now laid to waste by this overwhelming titan of entropy and fury. The towering skyline collapsed around the beast as it effortlessly shifted and demolished with single sweeps of its tail. Issuing a howling, guttural roar of pure, brutal energy, its inhuman rage resounded throughout the city, angular audio reflections bouncing across the broken buildings and striking fear deep into the hearts of those who still clung to a wretched life. They haunted the shadows, hiding from the its ravenous hunger, hidden away in fear amongst the crumbling concrete. With a burst of sudden fury the beast twisted, striking at a skyscraper and tearing it open, spilling the mess of its insides and the once precious multitude of human things across the streets below. But missing was the softness of the meal it craved. It lumbered onward, the strange paths which this insignificant species had laid, leading it through the decaying land... a constant drive for flesh feeding its voracious desire - that endless, unfillable void. Its stride echoed with the ominous assurance of recurrence, its cycle of consumption would begin anew.

MOB TACTICS land heavily in the dystopian EATBRAIN audio landscape, delivering their highly anticipated and much requested debut full EP - DINOSAUR ROCK - one of dnb's apex tech labels. Following up single tracks BLACK DIAMOND, TUFF GUY and JAW BREAKER, as well as a remix of Maztek's STOMPIN on Eatbrain, and with their impressive trail of intricate and colourful sonic devastation across the drum and bass stratosphere, the duo have delivered a devastating cut, made with with the artful skill of true veterans. Packed with kinetic energy, and with a detailed and high definition production perspective; DINOSAUR ROCK resonates with the weighty step of true sonic titans making impressive moves in coordination with one of the most consistent imprints of today.

Artist: Mob Tactics
Release: Dinosaur Rock EP
Label: Eatbrain
Beatport Excl Release: 25-06-2018
Worldwide Release: 09-07-2018

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