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Synergy - Abyss EP (Eatbrain) | 20th of July 2018
Far he had fallen, ripped from his brothers side by and cast into the formless depths of the astral plane. He had fallen swiftly into the yawning cavern of his own mind, tumbling through deep within, through a chaos that cried in shifting unison as he fought to cling to reason. Brief silhouettes of the triumphs he had shared with his brother flashed swiftly across his inner eye, each victorious moment draped in cold darkness as he fell deeper into that horrid realm; the euphoria that coated his memories dissolving into nothingness as he grasped at the shadows of their promised salvation.

Beneath him lay only a vast umber, formless and infinite, he felt the growing presence of that most isolated oubliette, from which malevolence and despair radiated like heat from scorched earth. In a staunch refusal to be defeated, he flung his hand outwards, seeking solace in a final moment of defiance against the eternal condemnation that threatened to swallow him, as the dark shroud of souls washed up against his body.

It reached down wrapped in silence, his brothers hand, the glowing exuberance of its life penetrating the void through which he fell. Grasping for his own hand with the synergistic strength that only one other could provide. It's strength, its lifeforce, carried him upwards towards his deliverance. The darkness around him began to fade, the filthy souls of the chaos below slipping downwards and away from him, but his brother's form was still obscured. He yearned most of all to stand beside him once more, to overcome this trial together as they always had done, their fight against mortality not insurmountable as every other pitfall of life had been. Pinpoints of light shone through ahead, fragments of the astral realm that lay above the calming natural darkness of his own, the bleak impossible cousin of the world he had fallen through and ascended from anew. The threshold between the abyss and their old world lay ahead. As they passed through, the brothers emerged side by side, ready to stand unified against the forces that had attempted to tear apart their bond. They moved with force, tearing themselves their own path through the strength of their synergy. Beyond the threshold, they stood in awe, delivered from the abyss, trembling as the connection between them pulsed anew.

Russian duo SYNERGY return to the mighty EATBRAIN imprint with their 3rd full length EP - THE ABYSS. Following up their incredibly successful HELION and DARK MACHINE releases that left fans of both the artist and label clamouring for more, their 3rd sound system assault sees the deeply connected pair of artists pushing further than ever before to deliver 5 tracks of pure, devastating tech that are certain to be staples on festival dancefloors throughout the Summer and beyond. Leading with the tearout sound of MOON PRESENCE, before entering the sludge-laden halfstep territories of title track THE ABYSS, picking up through the incredibly steppy PILLOW PUNCHER and ascending into the highly futuristic ALL YOU GOT, which features young pioneer SIGNAL and climaxing in the light euphoria of THE MOMENT; the ABYSS EP delivers 5 tracks of pointedly crafted anthems, destined to be a step beyond.

Artist: Synergy
Release: Abyss EP
Label: Eatbrain
Releaste Date: 23.07.18

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