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Crematorium - Lotus & Fragile (Locked Concept) | 16th of July 2018
CREMATORIUM debuts a pair of deftly crafted tracks on LOCKED CONCEPT with the release of LCKD016: LOTUS (NOBODY ELSE) // FRAGILE. Returning to LOCKED CONCEPT following his previous release, LCKD007: Those Misty Trees//Sweet Sorrow, the enigmatic CREMATORIUM brings forth a pair tracks that delve deeply into opposing moods, held together in expert balance by their shared moments of fragility.

The haunting keys of LOTUS (NOBODY ELSE) glide amongst crackles of analog noise with otherworldly grace, echoing through time alongside distant waves of percussion, washing across the main body of the track. Here, the same elegance persists as an aqueous bass flows amongst rushing drums, joined later by the track’s haunting keys, occasional pulses from an airy synth and a nostalgic, yearning vocal. FRAGILE arrives with sudden force riding a pounding drumbeat and rumbling bass, but from this decimated environment rise a multitude of melodic vespers that seem to weep for the ruination, with ringing voices occasionally resounding through the aether as they float across the surfaces of glassy pads.

With NOBODY ELSE//FRAGILE, CREMATORIUM explores the duality inherent in fragility and destruction, merging fascinating soundscapes with powerful percussive elements that tear away what had been in their place only moments before in an experience that contrasts contemplative beauty with adrenaline fueled fury. Though CREMATORIUM maintains a presence as incorporeal as his mistiest soundscapes, and NOBODY ELSE//FRAGILE resonates deep within the listener.

Artist // Crematorium
Release // Lotus & Fragile
Label // Locked Concept
Release Date // 16.07.2018

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