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Aeterna & Poseidon & Leon Ross - Eidolon EP (VALE) | 5th of July 2018
VALE showcases an exceptionally defined dark bass sound with the release of their newest collaborative effort, EIDOLON, featuring tracks from artists POSEIDON, AETERNA, & LEON ROSS. VALE’s forward thinking approach to artist-label relations and inherent focus on initiating creative projects in the experimental music scene has rapidly caught the attention of their peers. EIDOLON exemplifies this vision, featuring four expertly crafted tracks that are musically independent, but yet are tied by an overwhelming sense of darkness and inimitable quality.

The granular dreamscape of DAZED crackles as a distant piano extolls a fragment of a long forgotten melody, quickly replaced by warped basses that contrast heavily with incredible energy, rebounding from the track’s percussion with a guided air of unpredictability. HAIZA’s cinematic opening reverberates with majesty, carried with intensity amongst rapid snares that have their tracked by viscous bass, stretching impossibly throughout the track. A warped conception of space is perforated only by powerful drums that serve to snap it back to its origin amongst bizarre quips of a distorted vocal line. ZEN MIRAGE strides forth with purpose, its drums observing the breathy pads and sub-bass pulse until the emergence and then dominance of an electrified bass that defines its own path, ricocheting between tones whilst eerily echoed by a flute-like high synth that instills purposeful dissonance. MERCURY’s metallic pads grind amongst a breakbeat that languishes in its environment, with apathy suddenly morphed into fury as mechanized basses roar with powerful manifestation, their instantly apparent dynamism driving the drumbeat forwards with newfound intensity.

With EIDOLON, VALE continues to pursue their stated mission with impeccable quality, exhibiting the talents of POSEIDON, AETERNA, & LEON ROSS via their uniquely curated environment. These artists & VALE stand at the forefront of bass music, displaying unerring devotion to the sound of tomorrow as they eschew the limiting bonds of conformity with their unique element of illness.

Artists // Aeterna, Poseidon, Leon Ross
Release // Eidolon EP
Label // VALE
Relase Date // 05.07.2018

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