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Aeph & Kung - Fomalhaut & Unformed (MethLab) | 15th of February 2019
Aeph & Kung - Fomalhaut & Unformed (MethLab)

& Kung combine forces for the latest 2-tracker on MethLab Recordings, which sees the release of Fomalhaut / Unformed. Aeph's long-running career has displayed his forward thinking technical style across numerous respected labels, and Kung's quick and aggressive rise has brought him similar renown, with his fresh and pointed ideas making a strong mark in drum & bass. With this release, the pair unite on a pair of unusual yet devastating tracks that push forward with a powerful blend of their unique styles.

Fomalhaut cinematic opening atmosphere offers false tranquility, with soft pads and dreamy arpeggios that quickly disperse to unleash a destructive triplet bass rhythm with hard-hitting percussive impact. Unformed's angle is by contrast more irregular with its driving beat rising from similarly cinematic beginnings as it sheds impact of its predecessor in favor of a more thoughtful dancefloor.

With Fomalhaut / Unformed, Aeph & Kung deliver a fierce two track release on MethLab Recordings, placing diligent focus on the unsparing commitment to technicality & forward thinking sonic textures of the artists.

Artists: Aeph & Kung
Release: Fomalhaut & Unformed
Label: MethLab Recordings
Release Date: 15 Febr '19

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