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Various artists - Divergence II (Eatbrain) | 8th of October 2019

Much time had passed since that first moment of DIVERGENCE, in which one had sacrificed the joys of his existence for the betterment of all. Where once a man had stood, now a great tree remained, presiding over the village with the commanding presence of its incredible size. For years the magic of its boughs had shielded those below from harm, but time had worn upon its trunk and the wards that it projected now threatened to falter at the onslaught of the spirits that had long thrown themselves at the border. A single life, it seemed, could not keep evil at bay for all eternity. This fact was known to the council of the village below, and as the great tree began to slip from the world, they set in motion a further plan.

In the depths of one of the great mountains that surrounded the village, its every inhabitant worked tirelessly, hewing and hauling the stone bones of the earth out from the grand chamber they were constructing. At its center, the village's most skilled artisans worked diligently, inscribing the face of a great obelisk with runes and symbols in a language known to none of them. Night and day the village toiled, until at the final strike of a pickaxe they heard a most ominous sound. A pained groan uttered its way through the valley, followed by the thunderous impact of what could only be the felling of the great tree. The villagers cowered within the cavern, watching in horror as the spirits of evil began to flit about the ceiling above them. Yet as all seemed lost each spirit that had entered the chamber was wrenched downwards, its essence bound to the great obelisk, which trapped their visages in caricatures of agony upon its surface. Though the flood of spirits seemed unending, each and every one soon found itself within a similar stone prison as the dissonant howls of these creatures of evil faded into nothingness within its earthly being. At this sight, the village rejoiced whilst remembering the one who had sacrificed much for them. Though life could not hold back the flood of DIVERGENCE, stone would bind it to its inescapable form.

EATBRAIN their ninth LP with the second release in their DIVERGENCE series, featuring 16 tracks from the many sonic leaders of the label's vast horde. Within is presented EATBRAIN's full sonic scope, which spans the breadth of the neurofunk spectrum with tracks from JOE FORD, AGRESSOR BUNX, MIZO, FOURWARD & more - as well as sonic sequences from a variety of rising artists within the genre. Summing the EATBRAIN philosophy in a single eighteen track release, DIVERGENCE II presents a diverse yet unified front as the EATBRAIN horde continues its ravenous audio onslaught.

Release Date 7-10-2019
Label Eatbrain
Catalog EATBRAIN LP009

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