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Burr Oak - Dark Age EP (Eatbrain) | 10th of April 2021
EATBRAIN · Eatbrain 120 / Burr Oak - Dark Age EP

Scruggs & Sonny Jim had ridden long since dealing the final blow to the plantoid behemoth that had first impeded their journey some many months ago. They had left that beast’s lair far behind, and happily so for the stench of commingled acrid sap and gunpowder that filled it once the pair had finished. Astonished by the wonders of this alien land, their journey had lead them through biomes never before seen, in which red rock sandstone bore forth soaring forests filled with idyllic glens and treacherous thickets alike.

Through these, they had climbed in an ascent to a high plateau, and it was at this peak that the pair saw a sight unrivaled by any in their journey thus far.

Rising above the forest that continued onwards below was a great stone structure of peaks and turrets, connected by a network of bridges that hung precariously over the ravines and canyons of the mountainside upon which it was built.

The building’s spires rose to a height of such impractical grandiosity that the pair wondered what the purpose of such a structure could be or, more than likely, could have been. For all of the stature that it had certainly once commanded, the building was a shell of its former self, a relic of unique hubris worn bare by the selfsame forces that allowed the forest beneath it to thrive.

No light shone from its windows and no figures stood atop its balconies, for whatever cataclysm had befallen its creators had driven them from this place long ago. All of these thoughts passed through Scrugg’s mind as he gazed upwards, and to synthesize them he asked a single question of his partner, Sonny Jim.

“Hey, Sonny Jim,” “Yeah Scruggs?” “Why the hell would you bother hauling rocks all the way up there?”
With nothing but a grunt and a shrug in response, Sonny Jim spurred his horse onwards, and the two resumed their journey, riding into the shadow cast by the great castle that lay above.

BURR OAK drive the EATBRAIN horde into the shadowed depths of their latest EP, DARK AGE, the latest from the duo, and a follow up to their previous releases Roots of Evil & Hawkeye on the label. Within, the duo unleashes six tracks stacked with aggressive tonalities  textures that unveil the latest in the sonic tale of these twin bassline masterminds.

Release date: 23-4-2021
Label: Eatbrain
Catalog: Eatbrain120

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