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Smooth and DC Breaks - Out There EP (Korsakov) | 9th of April 2021
Korsakov Music · Smooth ft. DC Breaks - Out There EP

When it comes to the wonderful world of collabs Korsakov Music has hit the sweet spot with the latest release about to land on the label, the ‘Out There EP’, combining the driving forces of Smooth’s modern, stylish neurofunk vibe with veteran dnb producers DC Breaks who are known for their relentless dancefloor energy and consistent masterful production making this a powerhouse of mind bending sounds fit to send the floor into a frenzy.

Cultivating a climatic intro in “Original Soundboy” ethereal synths slide through as soft keys float euphorically amidst groovy amens, teasing a whisper of vocal samples between beats. A more substantial vocal riff cuts through reminiscent to a nostalgic reggae jungle vibe as it drives, pounding toward the drop with a dark bassline lurking beneath. The tone quickly flips to incorporate a fresh, steppy, broken beat that carries vicious variations as the bassline tags among itself bending, stretching and bouncing rhythmically as it contorts to continue the motion. Deep toms add a hefty dose of funk alongside the slick samples and cuts making “Original Soundboy” a groovy and danceable tune.
A suspenseful intro sets the tone on “Chainsaw” as synthesized keys tumble and fall, groaning maliciously formulating the perfect placement for MC Coppa’s moody and aggressive bars to break through buzzing in a whirlwind bombarding the drop.

Heavy kicks slice and dice as the highs and horns rip through the mix, relentlessly adding a jumpy vibe between breathtaking breaks and violent basslines. Coppa’s vocals continue to slay cutting in and out of the composition as “Chainsaw” tears the dance floor to shreds. “Chainsaw” featuring MC Coppa is a dancefloor annihilator just as the title suggests, a DJ weapon like no other set to terrorize the sound waves with its heavy hop, sic breaks and savage energy!

“Fu Manchu” kicks off with bright atmospherics creeping through the build as the kicks thump from the distance moving more intently toward a steady beat. Vocal samples cut in to create tension just before the drop flips “Fu Manchu” into a savage supply of melting basslines and electrifying sounds. The orchestrated elements intensify riding over a clean rhythm, punchy and ravenous as it fiercely flies through the measures dipping and diving through sizzling neuro sounds. Spectacular fills and fierce flares add color to the mix as the bloodthirsty bassline rides ravenously along. “Fu Manchu” is ultimately a dance floor destroyer and a must have for the upcoming festival season bringing fun and funk to the mix.

Title track from the EP “Out There” harbors a playful intro as bubbly synths and keys flow ambiently, building in intensity as it ascends with a crafty vocal cut toward the drop. Skyrocketing through the atmosphere a rubbery bassline blasts through bouncing and breaking as the beat twists mechanically to swing and sway through the measures riddled with galactic effects and humming with heavy neurofunk vibes. A cleverchange up in preparation to ascend to the breakdown supplies extra flare to this composition keeping “Out There” everchanging in the mix.

Release date: 9-4-2021
Label: Korsakov Music
Catalog: KRSKV031

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