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Saint Robbers - Quality Train (Evolution Chamber) | 9th of April 2021
Data Transmission Drum & Bass · Saint Robbers 'Quality Train' [Evolution Chamber]

Evolution Chamber, the label and home of artists such as Task Horizon, Magnetude and Receptor, have prided themselves in building a collaborative platform. Whether it’s the bonds between their roster which have helped push Evolution Chamber into the drum & bass consciousness or the high-quality tracks they’ve unleashed throughout its short life span, the label has proven its weight among its counterparts release after release. And now they welcome a round of new artists into the fold, beginning with Saint Robbers, a duo from Russia beginning to make their mark on the wider music world and doing so through heavyweight selections which exemplify why they fit so perfectly within the Evolution Chamber camp.

For their debut on Evolution Chamber, Saint Robbers reveal their double-sided single ‘Quality Train’ & ‘Happy Day’.
‘Happy Day’ stands on the reverse and its more creeping in its intensity, despite its lighter feel with sweeping percussive layers and steppy rhythms. In a time when clubs are currently closed, it gives the euphoria of a 3am DJ set crescendo, something fans have been lusting over and Saint Robbers offer through ‘Happy Day’.

Both tracks present a pivotal first release from Saint Robbers on Evolution Chamber and it’s just the start of their journey. With more music already scheduled for the forthcoming year, Saint Robbers is a name which will be on the forefront of drum & bass in 2021.

Release Date: 9-4-2021
Label: Evolution Chamber
Catalog: EVOC010

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