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RT @WajuMiller: Today’s listening began with the ska and other French sounds of @BabylonCircus. Ended the day with the drum and bass works…
@WajuMiller @BabylonCircus Hope it was a productive day ser!
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RT @Overshadowmusic: Trigger Warning - Flashing Images. Henry. The first of 4 tracks from @E_TCH Coming Soon... https://t.co/YZ9W6opfag
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Drumsik and XER47 - Sub Signal (Bad Taste) | 26th of March 2021
Bad Taste Recordings · Drumsik & XER47 - Sub Signal

New release on one of our favorite labels BAD TASTE RECORDINGS! Sub Signal is only for people with good taste...

Release Date: 26-3-2021
Label: Bad Taste Recordings
Catalog: BT145DD

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