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Trilo and Vegas - Rush (Kemal remix) (Bad Taste) | 16th of April 2021
Bad Taste Recordings · Trilo & Vegas - Rush [Kemal Remix]

Trilo & VEGAS - Rush [Kemal Remix]

KEMAL arrives at the shores of Bad Taste with an incredible remix of RUSH. Originally born back in 2019 as a result of Trilo & Vegas crossing their mighty pathways to delivering a very special collaboration of sound which fluidly followed up their ongoing previous experimental projects. Now being taken into 2021 by the legendary KEMAL from the foundational Drum & Bass outfit - Konflict, remolding RUSH into a techno-driven anthem with warm analog textures that bring you right back to the roots and core of this thing.

A little something for the weekend. Something that will leave the artery of Bad Taste surging. As the blood pumps through your veins, the RUSH flows through your brains.… and this one is sure to make it flow - again.

Release Date: 16-4-2021
Label: Bad Taste
Catalog: BT146DD

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