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Agressor Bunx - Bunker (Eatbrain) | 5th of March 2021
EATBRAIN · Agressor Bunx - Bunker (Eatbrain 118)

The crumbling city stood like the bones of a decaying animal, falling to ruin in a silence amplified by the lack of ears nearby that might hear it. It was an oppressive quiet, broken only rarely by the falling of concrete or steel to the cracked asphalt below. Yet one day, a new cry uttered forth within that sonic emptiness. It was shrill yet powerful, and it rang out slowly as though painstakingly expunged from the throat of the beast that had emitted it. Its source, however, came only indirectly from the biology of those who caused it. For this was the cry of feet of steel, forced open and ground against its frame by the two lonesome souls who had lain within.
That first moment of sunlight was blinding to their eyes, even when filtered through the roiling green clouds that blanketed the sky and rained down debris onto the landscape. Day and night had ceased to mean anything within the pair’s holdout, and their emergence into the gloom of midday stood in stark opposition to the biological clocks that had regulated their bodies for so long.

Even for all these banalities with which they were met, the pair knew that they could no longer find shelter in their subterranean home, their supplies exhausted by the indeterminate passage of time that had marched over them therein. No, now the pair knew that they must go forth, back into the world that had once been their own. For them, the only hope at life lay underneath that green glowing sky, somewhere in the vast unknown that lay beyond the BUNKER.

AGRESSOR BUNX emerge from their studio to deliver BUNKER, the first step in their journey into the lands of the ENSUING CATACLYSM that will imbue their sonic works in the months to come. Their first release on EATBRAIN since 2019’s Power Glow EP, AGRESSOR BUNX return to lead the label’s ravenous horde through the tumultuous landscape of the cataclysm to come, debuting BUNKER as the first step amidst its apocalyptic advance.

Release date: 5-3-2021
Label: Eatbrain
Catalog: EATBRAIN118

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