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TR Tactics and Manta - The Hunt (Code Smell) | 1st of February 2021
Code Smell Music · [CODESMELL004] TR TACTICS ft. MANTA - The Hunt

Code Smell is on a mission with a clear goal to push dark, funky, high quality, and forward-thinking Drum & Bass. The sound of the label is dirty, fierce, and razor-sharp neurofunk with an edge. The story continues with this third release added to the arsenal.

This time it is TR Tactics who teamed up with Manta to create a solid neuro stinker called "The Hunt", and on the flip side of the two-track single, TR Tactics goes in for a remix of "Kinetic" by label-boss Bytecode which was originally part of the "Inception" EP. The track-record of TR Tactics with releases on prestigious labels such as Trendkill Records, C4C Recordings, Blackout, and Mainframe Recordings, is already quite impressive.

The first cut on the two-track single is entitled "The Hunt" and is a collaboration with Manta, who has an equally impressive arsenal of releases under his belt on a number of industry-leading labels. "The Hunt" starts off by building tension with cinematic soundscapes and luring melodic elements, but do not be fooled, as it is not long before it drops into an explosively solid neurofunk stinker. For the second track, TR Tactics interprets "Kinetic" by Bytecode. TR Tactics makes the track to his own by infusing it with his signature sound but still leaving a clear trace back to the original. Both tracks are a clear demonstration of the impeccable skills of TR Tactics in both interesting sound design and precision production work - this is why he is undoubtedly one of the most interesting artists in neurofunk at the moment.

The label is the brainchild of Drum & Bass producer Bytecode (part of Instinkt). He has high ambitions for this new label endeavour and wants it to be at the forefront of Drum & Bass and be a premier supplier of the absolute finest and most uncompromising neurofunk.

Release Date: 1-2-2021
Label: Code Smell
Catalog: CODESMELL004

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