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Listening to Wormhole, on vinyl. Still sound like it was sent from the future. The significance of this record can… https://t.co/Z0rjC7Wwyv
Man I want to dip that spike in the Tearaway snare so bad
Joe Ford
@end_orphine @blaukizart Yeah I will be renting a car over there :)
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Burr Oak and Billain - Shinigami (Blackout) | 22nd of November 2021
Burr Oak join forces with Billain for the nothing short of epic Shinigami, and their solo track Strafe.
Check out this new awesome release at Blackout music NL!
Blackout Music NL · Burr Oak & Billain - Shinigami

Release date: 22-11-2021
Label: Blackout music NL
Catalog: BLCKTNL108

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