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Agressor Bunx - Ensuing Cataclysm (Eatbrain) | 24th of December 2021
EATBRAIN · Eatbrain LP012 / Agressor Bunx - Ensuing Cataclysm

It began with a low rumble from all degrees of the horizon, and envelopment of portentous sound that seemed to emanate from everywhere and nowhere all at once. From high above, fluctuations in the jetstream whipped the clouds into a frenzy, stretching, swirling, and blending them into a slate of blackest-grey from within which thunder and lightning began to add their voices to the ensuing cacophony. As the roar on the horizon grew, the very air itself seemed to slip and surge around the sonics that cut through it, churning it from stillness into a great gale that nipped with icy jaws at the flesh of any caught within its flow. Then, as though in a perfectly discordant concert with the air above, the ground itself began to shake, roiling in opposite motion as the second wheel of a planetary mill set to grind those upon the surface into dust. From within the fissures that scarred the Earth’s surface poured rivers of magma that made a cruel mockery of the world’s aqueous veins as they brought death to all with which they intersected and poisoned the air with toxic gasses long kept locked beneath the earth. Those who strove yet to live within this hellish world could not but hear a single voice in their minds, chiding them for forgetting what had always been known, dooming them to watch as the ENSUING CATACLYSM consumed the world that had once been their home.

AGRESSOR BUNX stand before the EATBRAIN horde as the heralds of the ENSUING CATACLYSM as they deliver their second full album to the waiting ears of the label’s faithful. The 18-track span of ENSUING CATACLYSM features the full breadth of the Ukrainian duo’s unrelenting approach to drum & bass as they meld key aspects of its many subgenres to imbue their album with apocalyptic audio energy set to inspire fanatical chaos in even their most seasoned of listeners.

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