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Redpill - All I Do Is (Eatbrain) | 7th of February 2022
EATBRAIN · Eatbrain 134 / Redpill - All I Do Is

Everyone walking the dimly lit streets of my city wears a Face. It's all the rage after all, the pinnacle of status and fashion to bear to the world a synthetic facade not merely digital but viscerally real.
Hardwired into one's very nervous system, the Face is more than a fashion statement; it's a legal second identity.
Coming preprogrammed with all the memories of the one upon whom it had been modeled burned into the circuitry, Faces are truly one of a kind, and competition to purchase one can be fierce. Even with the profiles of so many heroes and villains of the past to draw upon, acquiring the most recognizable Faces costs trillions, far beyond their reach of any but the utmost elite.

For those in the know, however, there is another option. With unerring research as well as the ability and disposition to acquire the proper source material, one can have a Face that is unique yet unknown, and altogether much more fascinating than the same Faces of celebrity that are endlessly fawned over.

That's how I got my Face, at least. I paid the right person to exhume the body, and paid another right person to burn its memories into the circuits. I knew what I was getting to a certain point: a musician of the early 21st century, the time period wherein the line between that discipline and technology began to more thoroughly be blurred. It was that history, that experience that interested me most. I didn't know what else I would be getting, but that's part of the fun of Faces. You can't just have some of the person. When you wear a Face, you get everything. I hadn't expected the half-crazed neuroses though, the almost pathological need to create, to pull sounds from the bowels of instruments that hadn't existed in hundreds of years which I now sought out in scrapyards like some kind of crazed cyborg pack rat. The creativity is nice, and the ability to compose I certainly no longer lack, but I couldn't stop creating even if I tried. ALL I DO IS make music, and this Face has taken over my life.

Members of the EATBRAIN horde eagerly awaiting their next dose of REDPILL need look no further than his latest release on the label entitled "ALL I DO IS", which features three futuristic tracks from the veteran EATBRAIN alumni that fuse the bassline brutality for which he is revered amongst the horde with the sleek synthetic textures of the ilk that have marked his recent releases, proving without a doubt that the sonic sequences encapsulated within only a single dose of REDPILL are enough to send even seasoned ears into a sensory frenzy. `

Release date: 7-2-2022
Label: Eatbrain
Catalog: Eatbrain134

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