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Magnetude & Burr Oak - I Want You (Evolution Chamber) | 22nd of March 2024
Evolution Chamber · Magnetude x Burr Oak - I Want You

Artist: Magnetude & Burr Oak
Title: 'I Want You'
Release Date: 22nd March (Worldwide)
Record Label: Evolution Chamber
Cat No: EVOC037

Step into a realm where four minds unite, representing two of the most dynamic duos to emerge in recent Drum & Bass history. Anglo-Russian duo Magnetude and French duo Burr Oak come together to deliver the much-anticipated track, 'I Want You'.

This isn't just your typical dance floor anthem; 'I Want You' is a blend of artistic expression and collaborative synergy. This compositional masterpiece goes beyond genre boundaries, inviting listeners on a journey, combining Magnetude's classical roots and Burr Oak's technical prowess.

The opening of 'I Want You' sets the stage for a captivating exchange between emotive instrumentation, gradually building up into euphoric soundscapes. This musical dialogue leads to a climactic synth-line section, evoking emotion and establishing a profound connection with the listener as the track builds into an explosive drop, showcasing the forward-thinking musical expression of these four minds.

'I Want You' reaches new heights with an electrifying second drop, infusing the composition with euphoric synth-lines and pulsating energy. Their ability to craft intricate narratives through sound solidifies them as true visionaries in the world of music, with this emotionally charged composition.

Fasten your seatbelts and dive into a domain of cutting-edge sound and timeless beats as Magnetude & Burr Oak take you on a ride and demonstrate precisely why they're considered two of the hottest duos in today's Drum & Bass scene.


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