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New label 'Hidden Tracks' is born | 28th of August 2011
New label 'Hidden Tracks' is born
A new drum and bass label of Dj Hidden is born. The name is 'Hidden Tracks' and the first release HIDTR001, is scheduled on September 19th 2011. This release will feature two DJ Hidden tracks: “You’re Not Real” and “Breathe In Breathe Out”.

Below you can listen a preview of the first release.

Hidden Tracks - HIDTR001 - Preview by DJ Hidden

The label is not dedicated to just one style, as these tracks already suggest. Instead, it will simply focus on solid dancefloor tunes that can be either Drum n Bass, Crossbreed, Drumstep or something new entirely. No boundaries, just music.

Link: New label 'Hidden Tracks' is born

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