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10 Years of PRSPCT Madness Mixed by Thrasher | 28th of September 2012
10 Years of PRSPCT Madness Mixed by Thrasher
PRSPCT parties are known all over the world for being the biggest, baddest, most insane raves that drum 'n bass, hardcore and dubstep have to offer. Ranging from smaller events (300/400 people) to the PRSPCT XL parties (2000+ people) and anything in between.

Starting in Rotterdam, almost 10 years ago, these events are now being held regularly all over Europe. From Holland to Spain, Poland to Slovakia, UK to Germany etc.

PRSPCT also offers a drum 'n bass booking agency and an independent underground drum 'n bass record label run by DJ Thrasher, PRSPCT Recordings.

PRSPCT's ten years anniversary and the 16th edition of PRSPCT XL will be celebrated and promoted with a sick Madness mix, made by the big boss himself, DJ Trasher.

Enjoy; Dark Drum & Bass with a healthy dose of hardcore!!

PRSPCT MIX CD 001 - 10 years of PRSPCT madness – Mixed by Thrasher

1:  Pop im – Dub Elements & Erre (The Panacea VIP)
2:  Chicago – Gancher & Ruin & Dub Elements
3:  When Worlds Collide – Counterstrike & Zardonic
4:  Parasite Bandit – Gein, Sinister Souls & Bratkilla
5:  Shrambo – Cooh & Ogonek
6:  David likes chopped – Loop Stepwalker & Erre
7:  Uncomes – Limewax
8:  Back to the game – Dub Elements
9:  Black Ninja – Dub Elements
10:  Power to distort – Counterstrike (I:Gor Remix)
11:  Battlefield – Eye-D & DJ Hidden
12:  Larum – Gancher, Ruin & Triamer
13:  Rude Awakening – Dub Elements
14:  Never give up - Dub Elements
15:  Last Call – Limewax
16:  Rain – Eye-D & DJ Hidden
17:  Ultimate Weapon – Lowroller & Ignean System
18:  Suck Satan’s Cock – Limewax, Bong Ra & Thrasher
19:  We Are Killers – Sinister Souls & Erre
20:  Wonder for Reason – Donny
21:  Mindfuck – Counterstrike
22:  Perfect Organism – The Outside Agency & Sinister Souls
23:  Testify – I:Gor Remix
24:  Murder – Dub Elements
25:  Great Violence – Lowroller & Ignean System
26:  The Price is Right – The Outside Agency
27:  Let me in – Sinister Souls
28:  Meltdown – Counterstrike
29:  The Abominable – The DJ Producer & Bong Ra
30:  Bloodclot Techno – The DJ Producer & Bong Ra
31:  Ghetto blast - The Outside Agency

All Songs Courtesy to PRSPCT Recordings

Released by: PRSPCT Recordings
Release/catalogue number: PRSPCT Mix CD 001

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