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Kaiza presents Human Error | 6th of October 2012
Kaiza presents Human Error
Florian Kaiza aka Kaiza?is?known for the most consistent
DJ-sets in the German Drum & Bass scene and he's labelowner?of T3K Recordings, a digital-only label for technoid?Drum & Bass and other various kinds.

Kaiza showcases the forthcoming Human Error's?newest?LP called Fatal Error.

HUMAN ERROR is a collaberation of two DJ/Producers , Sinecore and
T-PSY, coming from Belgium.

Their sound can be defined as a compilation of influences coming from differents styles of music, such as?fresh?
Drum 'n Bass?and Neurofunk.
Everything is assembled together on the Drum 'n Bass?tempo. The result is a kind of "groovy step" which causes serious damages at parties!

They has?working hard on the release of their first album signed on the popular German's label "T3K Recordings".

This album will include some deep, experimental,?Drum 'n Bass?tracks as well some Neurofunk bangers. It will be a kind of compilation mixing all their influences.

1,5 hours of the finest?drums and snares. Enjoy!!

01. Human Error - Parasites (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
02. Human Error - Factory (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
03. Human Error - Translation (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
04. Human Error - Kill Her (Unreleased)
05. Human Error - Not Alone (Trust In Music TRIM034)
06. Human Error - Warning (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
07. Human Error - Secret Garden (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
08. Human Error - Iris (forthcoming T3K Recordings)
09. Human Error - Euphoria (Trust In Music TRIM034)
10. Human Error - Contact (Close 2 Death C2DMP3032)
11. Human Error - The Devil (Close 2 Death C2DMP3032)
12. Human Error - Cosmodancer (Close 2 Death C2DMP3032)
13. Human Error - Collapse (Close 2 Death C2DMP3032)
14. Human Error - Features (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
15. Human Error - Translation VIP (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
16. Human Error - Frenzy (forthcoming Close 2 Death 12" Vinyl)
17. Human Error - Playing The Game (Unreleased)
18. Human Error - Still With The Beats (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
19. Human Error - Earthrise (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")
20. Human Error - Deep Rolling (forthcoming T3K Recordings "Fatal Error LP")

FATAL ERROR LP Sampler and complete LP will be out very soon in all major mp3 shops worldwide!

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