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PRSPCT PDCST 002 by Limewax | 28th of November 2012
PRSPCT PDCST 002 by Limewax
Three months ago Sinister Souls stood behind the turntables and kicked off PRSPCT's PDCST serie and delivered a set with their own vision of filthy Dubstep, inspired by Drum 'n' Bass, Rave, Breakcore and Techno.

For the 2nd official PRSPCT PDCST another greatness has been sacrificed.

This time the honor goes to the Ukrainian Dutchman called Limewax, a Drum 'n' Bass producer and DJ from Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.

Limewax, who's real name is Maxim Anokhin Olegovytsj began composing music shortly after moving to Tilburg, The Netherlands in 1999.  At the age of seventeen he released his first EP, Changing Crisis, on the high-profile label Tech Itch Recordings in 2005.  As a result, he became notable for emerging into the electronic music industry at a young age and quickly gained popularity leading to performances at Therapy Sessions events worldwide.

His style tends towards the harsher sounds of hardstep and darkstep. However he is most recognisable as a Skullstep artist and is easily identifiable by his signature drum patterns.

Maxim has released music on the biggest dark dnb labels on earth, like Tech Itch, Freak Recordings, Obscene Recordings, PRSPCT Recordings,Tech Freak, Avalanche, Algorythm, Sinuous Recordings and has collaborations with the biggest dark dnb artists on earth such as CoohThe Panacea, Current Value, SPL, Donny, Trasher and Dylan.

50 minutes of the dirtiest beats and many new and exclusive jewels forthcoming on PRSPCT, L/B and some other top labels. Enjoy!!!


  1. Intro
  2. Limewax - Kræft
  3. Limewax & Cooh - Borger
  4. Looh - Angel Of Shit
  5. Sinister Souls - Tuh Tuh Duh
  6. The Panacea - Ear2Brain
  7. Limewax - Fuenf
  8. Goldberg Variations - Rod of Sultan
  9. Current Value - Mothman
10. Limewax - Lumpeth
11. Limewax & The Panacea - OMG KLONK
12. Limewax - Onkey
13. The Panacea - 44 lb
14. Looh - Pectus
15. Limewax - Hess29
16. Cooh & Ogonek - Shramboo
17. Acid Diaper - 95 Tortured & Castrated Nono Wifes
18. Limewax & Cooh - Sperm in Space
19. Human Resource - Dominator (The Panacea Remix)
20. Looh - 198 Errors
21. Limewax - Glen Hvam
22. Limewax - Landing Bone
23. Goldberg Variations - Dorksided
24. Spl - Surgeon
25. Counterstrike - Mindfuck (vip)
26. Limewax vs Bong-Ra vs Thrasher - Suck Satan's Cock (The Panacea vip)
27. Goldberg Variations & Current Value - Maze of Arafat
28. Cooh - Sezon
29. Delta 9 - Drag me to hell

Undermost picture © by Lukas Broekhuis I DOING Photography

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