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Red Army Mini-Mix by C-Netik | 13th of January 2013
Red Army Mini-Mix by C-Netik
C-Netik is currently one of the best known names in the Portuguese Drum 'n' Bass scene.

He started at the beginning of the 2000s with building Hip-Hop loops, experimenting in Hardcore, Downtempo and Drum 'n' Bass. In 2003 he formed a DnB duo with Inph from whom he learned the principles of producing. Since 2005 he focuses on his solo DnB production.

C-Netik aims to use and reinvent tendencies from various genres, what helped him creating a fusion of styles and results in original sounds with great, hypnotic basslines.

In 2007 he became active in the national DnB DJ circuit and becoming part of promoter/collective Yellow-Stripe.

He is also know as a resident DJ for the Therapy Sessions hosted by Yellow-Stripe and featuring the heaviest events, next to headliners such as Counterstrike, Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Limewax, The Panacea, Current Value, Noisia, Raiden, Audio and more...

C-Netik melted an ear trashing Drum 'n' Bass minimix together for the upcoming Red Army Event on January 18th at Lisbon. Enjoy!!!

01. eRRe, Infamous & Hardlogik - Psychosocial
02. BSA - Noise Bringer
03. Limewax, Bong-Ra & Thrasher - Suck Satan's Cock (The Panacea VIP)
04. C-Netik & Fragz - Antilife
05. Gancher & Ruin - Salvation
06. Counterstrike & Cooh - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
07. Mathizm & Memtrix - Cardiak Arrest
08. C-Netik - Bam Bam
09. C-Netik - Another Place
10. Limewax - Various Castrations
11. Current Value & Limewax - Tempest
12. C-Netik - Checkmate
13. Peter Kurten & AirJ - The Darkness
14. Syrinx - The Difference
15. Hatebreed - Everyone Bleeds Now (eRRe Bootleg)
16. Triagato & Micromakine - Oxygen
17. Forbidden Society - Demolition Fist
18. Insult - Ligyrophobia

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