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Drumsik and XER47 - Sub Signal (Bad Taste) | 26th of March 2021
Drumsik and XER47 - Sub Signal
New release on one of our favorite labels BAD TASTE RECORDINGS! Sub Signal is only for people with good taste......  (read more)
Teddy Killerz - Ghosts (Eatbrain) | 15th of March 2021
Teddy killerz - Ghosts
He’d seen them, glowing eyes in the windows, shadows that flitted about the grounds, shutters and doors that created unnatural rhythms in the whistling wind....  (read more)
Burr Oak - Zero Alpha (Blackout) | 15th of March 2021
Burr Oak - Zero Alpha (Blackout)
Burr Oak unleash hell upon us with their first EP on Blackout!

Check it out! ... (read more)
Sleepnet - First Light (Vision) | 12th of March 2021
Sleepnet - First light
The name Sleepnet first emerged when UKF premiered a mysterious release named "Angel Blade", following a series of cryptic posts on social media. Now confirmed to be the debut solo project for Noisia's Nik Roos...  (read more)
Redpill - Obliterate EP (Blackout) | 5th of March 2021
Redpill - Obliterate EP (Blackout)
Redpill returns to Blackout with his Obliterate EP, once again expanding the boundaries of hard, techy drum & bass...  (read more)
Phace and Submarine - Ghettoshit (Neosignal) | 26th of February 2021
Phace and Submarine - Ghettoshit (Neosignal)
Getting shit together for 2021 the infamous LINKED SERIES is back on track, kicking off with “GHETTOSHIT” featuring PHACE X SUBMARINE.

Shit!...  (read more)
Zombie Cats - Chains EP (Eatbrain) | 15th of February 2021
Zombie Cats - Chains EP (Eatbrain)
Deep within the woods, the mouth of a cave uttered forth a haunting melody wrought of metal on stone and the twisted yowls of a beast so surely gone mad. It's limestone passageways warped these sounds, reverberating them off of their walls and through the cool underground air that served as a carrier for their transmission....  (read more)
Mean Teeth - Bring back the funk LP (Cause4concern) | 10th of January 2021
Mean Teeth - Bring back the funk
Having teased fans with various tasters of their debut album Bring Back the Funk over the course of four sampler EPs, Baltic drum and bass duo Mean Teeth are back with the long-awaited full LP, arriving just  in time for Christmas...  (read more)
Nais - Testing lab EP (Eatbrain) | 10th of December 2020
Time seemed to pass in an orderless fashion within this place, speeding up or slowing down, simply stopping or skipping forwards seemingly in accord with its own whims.
Looking up from the television set before him, the man stole a glance at the receptionists at the front desk, who continued working diligently as before with little a thought spared in his direction. Checking his watch next, the man pondered at the time. When had his appointment been? 10 am? The watch read 10:05, and he did hope he might be called back soon. ...  (read more)
Redpill - Mosh Pit (Eatbrain) | 11th of September 2020
Redpill - Mosh Pit (Eatbrain)
Beneath beams of vibrant light shambled a mass of flesh and bone, revenant bodies moving steadily to the sonic reverberations that emanated from the stage before them. Their number grew as they grooved to the few sounds that reached their decaying ears, with the occasional thunderous hit of low frequency energy felling some to the floor. For all that they had seen, for all the horrors that they had undergone in their transformation into their new forms, the creatures gathered under a sense of duty, a pilgrimage, a return to once joyous ground even within the cruel fate that had been bestowed upon them...  (read more)
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