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The Upbeats
Denver we love and miss you, can’t wait to be back. Tickets:
@ThysMusic We used to call that the poor man’s sidechain in hardcore.
@EduardoHagn What a lil bitch so he should
Andy C
This week!! Thursday - @dourfestival 🇧🇪 Sunday @electricbayfest 🇬🇧
@xlnaudio Fairfax looks great! Already have the Funk set which is stellar, but time to expand :D
@Protostar @xlnaudio Hahaha, will take a look!
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Burr Oak and Billain - Shinigami (Blackout) | 22nd of November 2021
Burr Oak and Billian - Shinigami
Burr Oak join forces with Billain for the nothing short of epic Shinigami, and their solo track Strafe....  (read more)
Pythius - Hand Grenade (feat. Coppa) (Blackout) | 18th of October 2021
Pythius - Hand Grenade (feat. Coppa) (Blackout)
Pythius & Coppa join forces for the long expected Hand Grenade...  (read more)
Lifecycle: Rebirth (Blackout) | 27th of September 2021
The last part in the Lifecycle series is here: Rebirth...  (read more)
Killbox - Divine Profits (RAM) | 21st of May 2021
Killbox - Divine Profits
While Ed Rush and Audio are each established dons of the drum and bass scene in their own rights, their collaborative project Killbox has itself also emerged as a powerhouse act. Beginning with their first release under the alias, Pleasure Palace, which found a home on RAM Records in 2018, they’ve continued to provide proof that it’s possible to push the frontiers of the genre while still paying homage to its fundamental structures....  (read more)
Blackout music NL - Evolution Vol. 10 (Blackout) | 26th of April 2021
Blackout - Evolutions vol 10
Evolutions time! We've arrived at the final chapter of the series, with Vol. 10. Filled with fresh talent, more than ever....  (read more)
Darkshire Audiovisual Forest (4 hours of drum & bass) | 26th of April 2021
Darkshire Audiovisual Forest (4 hours of drum & bass)
Deep within the forest of the north-eastern Bohemian region lies a sacred place. Join us on an audiovisual journey and experience a brand new ritual brought to you by the Darkshire collective...
Gancher and Ruin - The Sect (NMA) | 21st of April 2021
Gancher and Ruin - The Sect
A new release straight out of Russia by Gancher and Ruin...  (read more)
Trilo and Vegas - Rush (Kemal remix) (Bad Taste) | 16th of April 2021
Trilo and Vegas - Rush (Kemal remix)
KEMAL arrives at the shores of Bad Taste with an incredible remix of RUSH. Originally born back in 2019 as a result of Trilo & Vegas crossing their mighty pathways to delivering a very special collaboration of sound which fluidly followed up their ongoing previous experimental projects....  (read more)
Annix and Fade Black - Dismantle (Neksus Sound) | 16th of April 2021
Annix and Fade Black - Dismantle
Annix and Fade Black team up for their debut collab Dismantle. Combining elements of heavy neurofunk and technical jump up, this track is guaranteed to shake your house down....  (read more)
Counterstrike - Spectre EP (Algorythm) | 14th of April 2021
Counterstrike - Spectre EP
Brand new Counterstrike on Algorythm Recordings...  (read more)
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