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Let It Roll On Tour - London 2024


Blackout - 19th of April 2024

SKAMELE 180.3 2024

Skamele 180.3 - 10th of May


The Upbeats
Denver we love and miss you, can’t wait to be back. Tickets:
@ThysMusic We used to call that the poor man’s sidechain in hardcore.
@EduardoHagn What a lil bitch so he should
Andy C
This week!! Thursday - @dourfestival 🇧🇪 Sunday @electricbayfest 🇬🇧
@xlnaudio Fairfax looks great! Already have the Funk set which is stellar, but time to expand :D
@Protostar @xlnaudio Hahaha, will take a look!
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Annix and Fade Black - Dismantle (Neksus Sound) | 16th of April 2021
Annix and Fade Black - Dismantle
Annix and Fade Black team up for their debut collab Dismantle. Combining elements of heavy neurofunk and technical jump up, this track is guaranteed to shake your house down....  (read more)
Counterstrike - Spectre EP (Algorythm) | 14th of April 2021
Counterstrike - Spectre EP
Brand new Counterstrike on Algorythm Recordings...  (read more)
Burr Oak - Dark Age EP (Eatbrain) | 10th of April 2021
Burr Oak -Dark age EP
Scruggs & Sonny Jim had ridden long since dealing the final blow to the plantoid behemoth that had first impeded their journey some many months ago. They had left that beast’s lair far behind, and happily so for the stench of commingled acrid sap and gunpowder that filled it once the pair had finished....  (read more)
Saint Robbers - Quality Train (Evolution Chamber) | 9th of April 2021
Saint Robbers - Quality Train
Evolution Chamber, the label and home of artists such as Task Horizon, Magnetude and Receptor, have prided themselves in building a collaborative platform. Whether it’s the bonds between their roster which have helped push Evolution Chamber into the drum & bass consciousness or the high-quality tracks they’ve unleashed throughout its short life span, the label has proven its weight among its counterparts release after release...  (read more)
Smooth and DC Breaks - Out There EP (Korsakov) | 9th of April 2021
Smooth an DC Breaks - Out there EP
When it comes to the wonderful world of collabs Korsakov Music has hit the sweet spot with the latest release about to land on the label, the ‘Out There EP’, combining the driving forces of Smooth’s modern, stylish neurofunk vibe with veteran dnb producers DC Breaks who are known for their relentless dancefloor energy and consistent masterful production making this a powerhouse of mind bending sounds fit to send the floor into a frenzy.....  (read more)

Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane Remixes (Blackout) | 5th of April 2021
Black sun empire - Driving insane remixes
Brand new Blackout! The Driving insane remixes!! Check it out!...  (read more)
Turno and Skantia - Engage (Elevate) | 3rd of April 2021
Turno an Skantia - Engage
Turno & Skantia really take it to another level with this one. Full speed ahead as we prepare to 'Engage'. Staying true to their sound design, each producer has carefully curated basses that scream underground with a fair bit of filth....  (read more)
Killbox - Rodan (RAM) | 1st of April 2021
Killbox - Rodan
‘Rodan’ is the final testament of Killbox’s explosive second album under the Ram Records banner, before its eventual release in late Spring. And it's another introspective look into the journeys of Ed Rush and Audio, from their beginnings as solo artists decades prior. With ‘Pleasure Palace’ sitting in the backdrop, they’ve since continued to bring forward their game changing engineering into contemporary standards and their pivotal next LP ‘Devine Profits’ is the result of this transition...  (read more)
Zombie Cats and Sinister Souls - Hard Spin (PRSPCT) | 30th of March 2021
Zombie Cats and Sinister Souls
For PRSPCT 251 Zombie Cats & Sinister Souls got together to produce 2 banging drum & bass smashers...  (read more)
Phace and Kemal - Mode 101 (Neosignal) | 26th of March 2021
Phace an Kemal - Mode 101
What can only be described a collaboration of legendary status. Neosignal Recordings are delighted to release the next in the LINKED series featuring an artist known for what is arguably one of the greatest tracks in DNB history. We have awoken KEMAL, he joins label boss PHACE for one track, tech infused, heavyweight anthem called MODE 101...  (read more)
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